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The Dallas Morning News reported this week that the Cowboys signed former New England Patriots quarterback Matt Schaub to a one-year deal on Tuesday. The newspaper reported that it was announced at a meeting on Tuesday, but the report did not say exactly what the deal was for.

The only thing I can say about this signing is that it looks like the Cowboys are finally giving up on Matt Schaub. That’s because Schaub is now the starting quarterback for the Texans. The Texans are reportedly going to use Schaub’s new contract to sign former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. The Texans are also reportedly going to use the new contract to sign New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Woodhead.

I’ve been seeing quite a few reports in the press that the Texans, and Dallas, are working on a deal that would include a fourth-round pick in 2020. They’ll also be using their second-round pick to sign Patriots wideout Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk, Woodhead, and the Texans appear to be all in on the deal. Gronkowski can be a decent asset, but it will be interesting to see what kind of impact he will have on the Texans’ offense. Meanwhile, Woodhead is a top-10 receiver in the NFL right now, and he’s already signed to a long-term deal with the Patriots. Gronk will be a very important part of the Texans offense, and I’m excited to see how he develops.

Although the Texans will undoubtedly be a team that will need to draft, the Patriots will be a team that will need to sign. Gronkowski is one of the highest-paid tight ends in the NFL, and the Texans will be willing to take a gamble on him. Woodhead and Gronkowski are both talented, but the Texans also have the cap space to sign both, and its not a bad bet.

The Patriots are still the most talented team in the league, but they are also the most likely to sign the best player on the market (though that is a very small likelihood). The Texans are the most likely to sign him to a long-term deal because they only have $3.5 million in cap space, and the contract he signs will be in his hometown and will be his first big contract.

If he’s signed, it will be a very bad sign for the Texans. He will be a very bad sign for the Patriots since they have far less cap space. They will have to use all that space to sign a top-tier receiver, or maybe a second-tier receiver. They will have to sign a third receiver, and they will probably have to sign a fourth receiver as well.

I don’t think anyone knows what that contract is going to cost them, just that they will have lots of cap space. The Texans have had to cut key players in the past because they have too many cap space to keep. The Patriots are already starting to feel the heat.

I don’t think they have gotten more cap space since the beginning of the year. Not only that, but they might have to sign a receiver with a cap hit of $1M or more just to secure a top-tier receiver. It’s hard to imagine the Texans being able to sign a receiver with a cap hit of less than $1 Million.

The Texans have made some questionable moves in the past with cap space, so it’s a little surprising that they’ve found a way to sign a receiver with a cap hit under 1 Million. The problem is that there are a bunch of receivers who are coming off of the injury bug who are all under 1 Million. If they can sign a guy with a cap hit under 1 Million, then they are giving up some cap space.

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