Why We Love the most desired goods or services that are given up when a choice is made are called the (And You Should, Too!)

gifts of the heart. We can be given a gift of the brain too, but we’ll only use it if it improves us. I’m not saying that’s all it’s capable of, but it is a good example of what it can do.

If you’re considering buying a luxury item, the only way to really “have a change” is to give it away. Like clothing, we have a tendency to get wrapped up in the things we think are most wanted (and which are most valuable) but when we give them away, we realize that we don’t need that thing. We don’t want an iPhone, we don’t want a car, and we definitely DON’T want a new phone.

Most people would agree that having things we want (and then giving them away) is the biggest waste of money. Like clothing and cars, we have a tendency to think that the things we want are the most valuable when really they arent. If we give them away we realize that what we think we want isnt the most valuable thing there is.

We’re so used to thinking that we’re so valuable that we have to give and get things that we have to. To be honest its the opposite. The things we want and the things we need are the most valuable. If we give them away we realize that we need them and we arent so valuable that we can’t get what we want.

Its a simple concept. You want something, say a shiny new watch that you want to buy. You want to give it to your wife, your mom, your father, your coworker, so that you dont have to worry about it anymore. You want all of these things. But if you give them away they become worthless. I have three friends who I know in real life that are getting divorced.

What does this have to do with the video game industry? Well, we all need something to be valuable in the end. If you can get something to be valuable, then you can make a lot of money that way. But you have to give it up first.

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